Frozen Sing AlongUnless you’ve been living under some Disney deprived rock, you’ve heard at least heard of Disney’s latest phenomenal animated hit Frozen.

Now playing, this film has already grossed $337 million domestically and $733 million worldwide since its release in November.

In addition to an awesome storyline which garnered a Golden Globe, Let it Go from the original soundtrack has been nominated for an Academy Award. The world loves this song.

This week fans of the movie were treated to this video (below) of the phenomenal song translated into 25 different languages.

Due to the overwhelming response to the popularity of the soundtrack, Disney has decided to do a special release Sing-Along Version.

Dave Hollis, executive president of Walt Disney Studio’s theatrical distribution said: “Frozen fans have embraced the film’s original songs and its soundtrack with such passion—there are countless YouTube videos from people singing songs like ‘Let It Go’—we decided to create a version that would celebrate that enthusiasm. It’s a great opportunity for families to get together and have some fun with these songs.”

This new version will hit only 1,000 theaters on January 31, 2014.