Surprisingly, when Amazon and Barnes & Noble came out with their cut rate tablets, the Kindle Fire, and the Nook Tablet, they did not offer much in the way of accessories that could be added to them. Shoppers that wanted, for example, a USB keyboard to plug in to make typing easier, or a docking station, were out of luck.

The docking station part of that is being addressed by a third party. A company called  ReaderDock has announced that they will have a docking station for the Nook Tablet and Nook Color available for pre-ordering this month. The Nook docking station will be N-Station-From-ReaderDockcalled the N-Station. It will be able to hold the devices at different orientations, charge the device, and has built-in speakers.

ReaderDock also states on their website that they will have a Kindle Fire docking station out soon. It will be called the FireStation, and like the N-Station, it will have built-in speakers and the order charge the device while in use. ReaderDock has a sign-up to notify shoppers when the N-Station and FireStation docking stations are available for ordering on their website. ReaderDock does not say at this time what prices for the docking stations will be.

There’s still no joy on an external keyboard for either device.. But some folks over Barnes & Noble’s forum are petitioning for one.