More hints are springing forth that Google and Asus are preparing to launch a co-branded 7-inch tablet sometime toward the end of this summer.

We reported early last month that something along these lines was brewing. At that time, we were hearing rumors that Google and Asus were working on a 7-inch quad core Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) tablet that would retail for about $199 to $249.

Now The Verge is reporting that Google had actually planned to launch the tablet in May, but pushed the date back after finding that the price of the tablet would be too high as it was. According to The Verge, the tablet was modified to bring the price down.

The Verge also supplies some more details. Like our earlier stories, they say the tablet will be quad-core, run Android 4.0, and have a 7-inch screen.

A late summer launch may be timed to catch the ‘back to school’ shopping timeframe, which will begin in earnest in August.