An invisible fence didn’t keep this eager puppy fenced in.

Dozer, a 3 year old goldendoodle, escaped the invisible fence meant to keep him in his yard, and joined in with some 2,000 marathon runners as the passed his home in Fulton, Maryland. The runners were taking part in the Maryland Half Marathon. The race is a benefit for the University of Maryland’s Greenebaum Cancer Center.

Dozer’s yard with the invisible fence was near the 5 mile mark of the marathon, and from there, he ran along with the runners all the way to the finish line. He came in at just over 2 hours, 14 seconds, running alongside other runners in the race.

Dozer was spotted by many runners throughout the race, according to race co-founder Jon Sevel. He was running along and lapping up water from drink cups at water stations along the way. But no one realized that he was alone and not with one of the race participants.

When his owner found that Dozer had gotten out of the invisible fence, she started an unsuccessful search for him. But Dozer found his own way home the next morning. Limping slightly, but after a vet check, he was declared to be in good health.

For his efforts, Dozer was given a medal by race organizers, and his own runner’s page on the marathon’s website. The site includes a statement from Dozer, asking for donations to the benefit, and it’s reported that he has brought in quite a few.

There’s been no report on which invisible fence company’s fence failed to keep Dozer in.