The CPSC and Dollar Tree Stores have announced a recall on 682,000 battery operated Halloween lanterns due to the possibility of overheating.

The plastic Halloween themed lanterns are in the designs of a pumpkin, ghost, and skull, and come in orange, white and black. They sit approximately 6.5 inches tall.

The lanterns were sold in Dollar Tree, Dollar Bill$, Occasions, Deal$ and Dollar Tree Deal$ stores from August through October of this year. They were available nationwide.

The bulbs in the lanterns can overheat which pose a fire and burn hazard to those who use them. There have been no injuries reported relating to the lanterns.

Consumers should immediately take these lanterns away from children. After removing and discarding the batteries, the lanterns should be returned to the store where they were purchased for a full refund.

The mode number 954439-13096-003-1005 is printed on the bottom of the lanterns.