Apple may be launching an updated iMac as soon as next week, according to MacGeneration.

The new machines are expected to include faster processors, along with upgraded Thunderbolt 2 ports. This update would be minor, but it could indicate a general price drop across the iMac line.

The same sources that are predicting the launch also predicted the launch of an updated MacBook Air, which subsequently took place this past April. The refreshed MacBook Airs also saw a slight increase in processing power, stepping up from 1.3GHz to 1.4GHz, as well as minor improvements in battery life and a $100 price reduction.

Next week’s iMac update would fall in line with recent speculation of a new, lower-cost iMac. However, there is also evidence to suggest Apple will soon be coming out with Retina Display iMacs, which may replace the forthcoming update, or more likely establish itself as a separate entity in the iMac lineup.

The current iMac is sold in two screen sizes: 21.5 inch and 27 inch. These configurations are not expected to change with next week’s alleged launch.

For those looking to purchase a new iMac, waiting a few days may be beneficial in terms of cost and technical specifications. However, those interested in a redesign of the iMac, including the incorporation of the Retina Display, may have to wait several months. An estimated waiting time on these has not yet been established.

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