With May 21, the day forecast by Harold Camping for the world to end, upon us, there is a natural question. What time is doomday to actually happen?

Camping, an 89 year old tele-evangelist, who had received a huge amount of publicity, whether doomsday actually happens or not, has the answer: 6 pm. According to Camping, “Rapture” would travel along with the time zones. Powerful earthquakes would rock parts of the world based on their local times. Those that are to be saved would be beamed into heaven.

But as we close in on noon, US Eastern Time, things do not seem to be going as Camping planned. According to reports coming in from Queensland, Australia, where it’s already early morning, May 22, there have been no quakes, shakes, floods, or, apparently, Armageddon. People, both the good and the bad, remain.

Reports are also coming in from other areas of the world where the clock has clicked past 6 pm, May 21, with no significant events.

This is not the first time that Camping has mis-predicted the end of the world. In 1992 he predicted the end would come in 1994.