Drop Dead Diva: Another Disappointing Episode
Kim and Owen get the news that the law firm is going to be sold right after she gave birth in season 5, episode 8 of Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva.

Drop Dead Diva: Another Disappointing Episode

Kim and Owen get the news that the law firm is going to be sold right after she gave birth in season 5, episode 8 of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva.

This week’s episode of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva was their last chance to fix some of the bothersome story lines before the show takes a break.

So, expecting a season finale type episode, I thought we might get some closure between the characters, and they would finally drop the stupid plot lines happening with others.

But, unfortunately, I’m disappointed again this week.

Stacy (April Bowlby) has only become more annoying this episode by pushing Owen (Lex Medlin) to donate his sperm in the middle of his work day.

She tries to act all cute, but really she’s just being so selfish and annoying that her cutsie attitude is making it worse.

Not to mention, when an appraiser comes to scope out the worth of the law firm, Harrison-Parker, he asks Owen whether he is truly over Jane, and you know what he says? That he won’t be leaving the company any time soon; that his stay as partner in the firm doesn’t have to do with her. But he doesn’t say that he’s over her. Curious.

So I was still hoping that Owen wouldn’t go through with being Stacy’s sperm donor because he would realize at the last minute that he still wanted to be with Jane (Brook Elliot), but that didn’t happen.

Next thing you know, Stacy’s being inseminated, with her feet in the air, and talking to Jane about her love life while Jane’s ex-fiance’s sperm is getting her pregnant… Talk about awkward.

I hoped they weren’t going to go through with this, but it seems like it’s too late to back out now.

Earlier in the episode, Jane goes to help her friend’s fiance get out of trouble at the Mexican border. And while I understood what was going on, I wasn’t sue why they were being so strict with this guy on such a small technicality. It seemed a little silly, but I guess that’s how the legal system works sometimes.

Anyway, while Jane was there, she runs into a cute lawyer, who takes her out to dinner. He kisses her, and even though he was very cute and smart, she didn’t feel any sparks. Why?

Jane admits it’s because she loves Grayson (Jackson Hurst), and I think she does, but in an I-will-always-love-you type way, not in a I-really-want-to-be-with-you-right-now type of way. If she did want to be with him, when he confessed his love to her, she would’ve responded, regardless of whatever else was going on. If that’s what she really wanted.

It seems like she’s going back to him because she now believes it’s really over with Owen, and she loves Grayson too, so maybe she thought they should finally give it a try. Except, when Jane goes to tell him, he’s kissing his new girlfriend, Nicole (Annie Ilonzeh).

Despite Nicole being very pretty, she seems a little tough and not that nice. But if Grayson can finally have a normal relationship, I think it’s good for him. Jane did reject him multiple times. And tell him it just wasn’t going to happen. So what’s a guy supposed to do?

On another note, Kim (Kate Levering) finally went into labor in the middle of the court room. She finished her closing statement in a video call from the hospital, and the judge ruled in her favor–it seemed almost just to make her leave. It was a funny touch, and I think she’ll make a good mom. I do feel bad that she’s doing it all on her own, though.

That’s another reason it’s really frustrating that Stacy is trying to get pregnant on her own. Other women don’t have a choice whether they want to be a single mom, and it’s a hard life. She’s signing up for it on a whim. It’s just really irresponsible.

The episode ends with the news that Kim’s baby daddy, Parker, is selling the firm. Who knows what that means for the future of our favorite lawyers? I guess we’ll just have to find out when the show comes back in October.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Drop Dead Diva? Is Jane over Grayson? Is she over Owen?

Let me know in the comments!

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