Drop Dead Diva, Episode Two, Just Wasn’t As Good As It Should Have Been…

Drop Dead Diva, Episode Two, Just Wasn’t As Good As It Should Have Been…

Old Jane tries to flirt to get information in the second episode of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva.

There was so much potential in episode two of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, but I don’t think it wasn’t quite fulfilled.

This is finally the showdown between Old Jane (Natalie Hall) and New Jane (Brooke Elliot). In the last episode, Old Jane showed up at New Jane’s house in a lingerie model’s body, declaring she wanted her old life back.

But, disappointingly, that’s not what happens in this episode. Instead, Old Jane insists New Jane help her exonerate an innocent man who was convicted of murder 4 years ago, before Old Jane died, and is now about to be executed.

While Old Jane now goes by the name Brittney, she still has her old no nonsense attitude and mannerisms. She walks and gestures like a stuffy lawyer.

One problem I do have with her character, however, is that she styles herself the way Brittney would, not the way Old Jane would.

I understand the stylists for the show wanted to make her look pretty (not that she needed the help), but a big aspect of the show is that Old Jane used to not take care of herself, and Deb made her more stylish when she took over her body.

Regardless, the two actually make a fun and interesting legal team. They butt heads and try to outdo the other a little bit, but that’s what makes them a good pair. I was proud of Jane for being able to prove how far she has come by keeping up with Old Jane’s intellect.

It was also a fun moment when Jane taught Old Jane how to get information out of a man by flirting. Jane said, “You look him straight in the eye. He will look you straight in the boobs.” A lesson Brittney pulled off, if completely awkwardly.

It made me think they might end up being friends, except that I was expecting Old Jane to be resentful for losing her old life.

I think the writers lost a good opportunity to have more conflict here, since at the end of the episode, Brittney decides to take a vacation to Paris–something she always wanted to do in her previous life. I wish they had drawn out this storyline a little longer, but it was a nice conclusion for Old Jane to be spontaneous, now that she trusts New Jane to take care of the people she loves.

I expect, however, that the main tension in the upcoming episodes will be focused on Owen (Lex Medlin) and Grayson (Jackson Hurst). There’s a scene in this episode where Grayson is at court to represent a mattress salesman who wants to wear drag at work, and in a last minute change, Owen is the judge.

Grayson approaches the bench and they have a quiet tense talk, where Owen challenges him to file an objection to Owen judging the case. Kim (Kate Levering) takes over the questioning because even though Kim doesn’t know why, Owen is obviously tense when Grayson speaks.

The two of them win the case for the mattress salesman, but then they find out after that he and his boss was just creating publicity for their store. They tell him he has to donate money to a charity or else he will report his fraud.

Grayson keeps the kiss a secret until he sees Kim crying about Parker, who is the father of her baby and just got back together with his ex. He tells her about the kiss to distract her from her problems, and it works for a minute. Their friendship is really touching, and I hope Grayson will keep being there for her.

Jane and Brittney won the case and saved the life of an innocent man, by proving that a supposed witness had actually been the killer.

The legal cases in this episode were extra interesting, I thought. And even though the show missed an opportunity to stretch out the Old Jane story line, the love triangle tensions are building for the episodes to come.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Drop Dead Diva?

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