Drop Dead Diva’s Episode Three Brings Happy Endings & Interesting Beginnings

Drop Dead Diva’s Episode Three Brings Happy Endings & Interesting Beginnings

Barbara Corcoran guest stars in this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva.

In a surprising twist, the third episode of season five of Drop Dead Diva begins with the revelation that Owen (Lex Medlin) has hung up his judge’s robe and is now a partner at Harrison-Parker. And now he is Jane’s (Brooke Elliot) boss.

This is especially awkward, considering he assigned her to the case of a woman who is suing her ex-fiance for breaking their engagement. Another situation where Owen can keep reprimanding Jane for their breakup by saying how awful it was of someone else to break an agreement.

I didn’t know you could actually sue for such a thing. Which is kind of the problem for Jane. But she is allowed to sue for financial damages, something that she blatantly ignores in court to show the jury how heartbroken her client is, in order to get sympathy.

When the woman gave her own testimony in the closing statement, there were flashbacks to Owen and Jane’s romance.

In the end, the woman’s ex-fiance said he would give her anything he could to make her pain lessen. She put her ring on the table in front of him and said she didn’t want anything more from him.

It makes you wonder if Owen is feeling the same about Jane. He said that he doesn’t think they could ever get back to the way they were. And she is clearly not sure what she wants from either Grayson (Jackson Hurst) or Owen. But now that she’s working with both of them, the tensions are going to be intense.

At the end of the episode, Jane takes off her engagement ring, and you have to wonder if that’s her letting go of Owen, or if there’s still hope of a second chance.

Kim (Kate Levering) is also representing a woman in a case that is close to her own situation. While she is pregnant with an absent man’s baby, she is representing a woman who is a surrogate for a family through a company that backed out of the agreement.

The woman wanted to help a family, but doesn’t want to have another baby that she wasn’t planning on. Because she didn’t sign an official contract, her case is dismissed initially.

Kim and Grayson (Jackson Hurst) do some digging, though, to find out who the biological parents are. Surrogacy means that it’s other people’s DNA but a different woman carries the baby to term.

Stacy (April Bowlby) goes under cover for them and find the couple’s name. They still want to have the baby, but they were having a hard time coming up with the money for what they thought was an adoption–which is more expensive than a surrogacy.

The company is committing fraud by getting women pregnant, paying them for surrogacy, and then charging couples for adoptions. This is a really crazy storyline, and a really good lawsuit.

At first, the baby was going to be put into foster care because of the fraud, he wasn’t able to be given to the couple who had wanted to adopt him. However, the surrogate mother was listed as his birth mother, so she was given rights over him, as if she was his biological mother.

So she was able to let the couple adopt him. Of all the court cases, I was really glad this one had a happy ending.

Stacy also found a happy ending. She has always been way too slim to be the owner of a bakery, which she calls the Pakery. She tries to get advice in this episode from a “female businesswoman,” Barbara Corcoran, who plays herself.

Stacy goes to a conference, and tells Barbara that her margins are about an inch wide, when Barbara asks. She then tells Stacy to either grow up or give up.

Discouraged, Stacy isn’t sure what she wants to do, until Barbara shows up at her apartment later, offering to buy the Pakery from her. At first, unsure of what to do, Stacy asks Jane’s advice, but was so excited and sure that she would support her, she accepted the offer.

Now she has enough money to figure out what she wants to do, and no longer has the responsibilities of managing a business. This was a good move for her, I think. Maybe now she’ll have the time to follow her acting and modelling dreams that she’s ignored in order to make the Pakery.

Another fun part of this episode is the eyeful you get of buff guardian angel, Paul (Justin Deeley). He stays at Jane and Stacy’s apartment, because he doesn’t have anywhere to go. Stacy seems to like him, but in a cute puppy way more than romantically.

I hope she doesn’t start dating him, because even though they’re both hot and a little empty-headed, it would be too close to the relationship she had with Fred (Ben Feldmen). The end of that relationship was so sad, and Stacy and Paul dating wouldn’ t be nearly as cute as they were.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Drop Dead Diva?

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