Hundreds of usernames and passwords for Dropbox were posted on Reddit today, and even this was just a tease for the millions of accounts the hackers have claimed to compromise.

“Here is another batch of hacked Dropbox accounts from the massive hack of 7,000,000 accounts,” according to an annotated message on the files containing the likes.

“To see plenty more, just search on [redacted] for the term Dropbox hack. More to come, keep showing your support

A post by Anton Mityagin on Dropbox’s official said that the file storage service’s servers were secure, and that compromised accounts were stolen from third-party apps.

“Attacks like these are one of the reasons why we strongly encourage users not to reuse passwords across services,” says Mityagin.

“For an added layer of security, we always recommend enabling 2 step verification on your account.”

Dropbox has automatically reset the passwords of all affected accounts.

This is the second bit of bad news to hit Dropbox lately, as it had previously confirmed the existence of a bug with Selective Sync that deleted files instead of properly syncing them across connected devices.

Dropbox has since patched its desktop client to address the issue.

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