DWTS: All-Stars, Week 3: Iconic Dances – Here’s How They Did!

DWTS: All-Stars, Week 3: Iconic Dances – Here’s How They Did!

Last week on  Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars, Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson were sent home after a creepy quickstep. Too soon?

Probably, as there were three couples with lower scores who survived to dance another day.

This week, the couples had to reinterpret a dance from a previous season. It was a particularly tense night, since tomorrow they’ll be facing a double elimination.

Here’s a rundown on how they all did with this blast from the past!

Drew and Anna

Dance: Cha-Cha

Song: Crazy Love

Score: 24

Joey McIntyre and Ashley Del Grosso originally performed this Cha-Cha back in Season One, but Drew put something new into it with moves that Bruno said reminded him of the strippers in Magic Mike. Tight, precise and exciting. They received 8’s across the board.

Gilles and Peta

Dance: Tango

Song: Sweet Dreams

Score: 25.5

Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were the first ones to perform this steamy Tango in Season 10. Gilles turned the heat up another notch, at least as far as Bruno was concerned. He likened it to 50 Shades of Grey on the dance floor, but Len and Carrie Ann both said the footwork needed work. Still, they managed a great score.

Melissa and Tony

Dance: Samba

Song: Conga

Score: 27

This couple saw 9’s after they recreated a dance originated by J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff in Season 13. The Samba is always sexy, so Bruno had even more reasons to leer and spout off sexual innuendos. Carrie Ann and Len just went with kind words about the technique and the choreography.

Apolo and Karina

Dance: Foxtrot

Song: Fever

Score: 25.5

Apolo and Karina danced the Foxtrot that current contestant Gilles Marini performed with Cheryl Burke back in Season 8. Carrie Ann thought it was stunning and Len liked the fluidity of the movement. Bruno took it down a notch saying he thought it was classy. It earned them one 9, but Len brought it down with an 8.

Kelly and Val

Dance: Paso Doble

Song: Espana Cani

Score: 27

Laila Ali and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were the originators of this aggressive number which aired in Season 4 but Kelly and Val might be known for it from now on. The judges called it a defining performance which was sorely needed after last week.

Kirstie and Max

Dance: Cha Cha

Song: Moves Like Jagger

Score: 24

Carson Kressley and Anna Trebunskaya tried to have “Moves Like Jagger” back in Season 13 but they weren’t very successful. Kirstie and Max fared much better with a fun routine that left everyone smiling. Carrie Ann declared it their best dance this season.

Sabrina and Louis

Dance: Paso Doble

Song: Free Your Mind

Score: 25.5

Sabrina and Louis took a real chance by recreating one of the most memorable dances of any season, Mel B and Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s Paso from Season 5. That might have been a bad choice, as Carrie Ann said it they didn’t bring anything new to the number, but Bruno said it had maximum fire power.

Emmitt and Cheryl

Dance: Paso Doble

Song: Cancion Del Mariachi

Score: 25

It’s another Paso, this one patterned after a dance by Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff from Season 3. The judges called Emmitt the raging bull – but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Len said he needed more finesse, but Carrie Ann called it awesome.

Helio and Chelsie

Dance: Quickstep

Song: Mr. Pinstripe Suit

Score: 25.5

Helio and Chelsie went with a dance from another current contestant, this was the fast paced Quickstep Apolo Ohno and Julianne Hough performed in Season 4. Helio really excels at these happy, lively dances, but it all almost went wrong when he accidentally stepped on Chelsie’s dress. Still it was good marks all around.

Bristol and Mark

Dance: Paso Doble

Song: Living on Video

Score: 22.5

Time for yet another Paso, this one based on a dance by Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough in Season 9. Joanna was full of fire, but Bristol is an emotional wreck. She walked out during rehearsal after accusing Mark of not wanting her as a partner. That anger didn’t help her on the dance floor though, and again they ended up in the bottom.

Shawn and Derek

Dance: Quickstep

Song: Hey, Pachuco

Score: 26.5

Shawn and Derek also took a chance with a fan favorite, the lively Quickstep performed by the dancing banana Helio Castroneves with Julianne Hough in Season 5. They took a second chance by breaking the rules of the dance but it didn’t hurt them too much. The judges declared it one of the best dances of any season, but still they fell short of the 10 mark.

Tomorrow is a double elimination. Bristol and Mark and Kirstie and Max need to worry, as do Drew and Anna. But the way this show goes, anyone could go home, especially when the scores are all so close.

Who’s your current favorite? And who’s going home tomorrow? Leave your comments below!

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