DWTS: All-Stars, Week 4: Challenge Dances, Here’s How They Did!

DWTS: All-Stars, Week 4: Challenge Dances, Here’s How They Did!

Last week on Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars, two couples went home. Helio and Chelsie and Drew and Ann were sent packing even though they weren’t the lowest scoring couples.

Tonight, the couples had to take on a dance chosen for them by another couple. Everyone tried to pick strategically, but did it pay off?

This week, Paula Abdul is sitting in as a guest judge so the scores will be higher than usual with a maximum of 40 points up for grabs on each dance.

Kirstie and Max
Dance: Charleston
Song: 42nd Street
Score: 30

The Charleston is a new dance for DWTS, but Kirstie and Max did it up right with a theatrical twist on this 1920’s craze. The duo went for comedy over technique and it suited the judges just fine. Len said she turned Monday into a Fun Day. Bruno said she started out as Debbie Reynolds in Singing in the Rain, but ended up as Shelly Winters in Poseidon Adventure – after which Tom said this was the first time he’d ever heard a Shelly Winters remark used as a compliment.

Bristol and Mark
Dance: Rock N’Roll
Song: At the Hop
Score: 32

Bristol and Mark paid tribute to the 50’s with their “hop” inspired number. It was cute but not highly technical. Len thought it was their best dance to date. Carrie Ann and Paula both said they saw improvement.

Sabrina and Louis

Dance: Disco
Song: You Should Be Dancing
Score: 35.5

Sabrina and Louis went with a routine straight out of Saturday Night Fever which included some big lifts and fast spins. Paula and Bruno pointed out a couple of missteps, but Bruno said it was her most vibrant performance. Carrie Ann disagreed and said Bruno was off-beat, not Sabrina. Len said the number sent him back to 1978 and he loved it.

Emmitt and Cheryl
Dance: Bolero
Song: Better in Time
Score: 36

These two warmed up the dance floor with a slow and sultry Bolero that left Carrie Ann fanning herself. “There’s nothing better than watching a big, burly man get all dramatic and sexy,” she said and Paula agreed. She called Emmitt a sexy beast. Len loved the raunchy touches and Bruno said it was steamier than August in Louisiana.

Gilles and Peta
Dance: Bollywood
Song: Jai Ho
Score: 39.5

Gilles and Peta took on the most complex number of the night, an intricate Bollywood piece that Bruno said was exotic and witty. Carrie Ann said Aladdin has nothing on Gilles and Len thought it was fantastic. Paula mimicked Bruno as she slathered on the praise saying that the number was as spicy as a vindaloo! The overall sentiment – this was beyond belief.

Melissa and Tony
Dance: Jitterbug
Song: This Cat’s on a Hot Tin Roof
Score: 37

Melissa earned a medal for bravery in this high-flying salute to the 50’s. Len called it more glitterbug than jitterbug but he liked it. Paula said the footwork was impeccable and they fit together like a hand in a glove. Bruno was thrilled by the ambitious lifts and Carrie Ann said the choreography was exceptional.

Shawn and Derek
Dance: Mambo
Song: ??
Score: 39.5

Shawn and Derek turned it up a notch with a fast-paced mambo full of tricks. Len’s reaction was “Good news from Goodman.” Bruno called it mesmerizing and Paula got weirdly touchy-feely again. Carrie Ann called it, saying the other contestants should be scared right now. Looks like they’re the ones to beat.

Apolo and Karina
Dance: Hip Hop
Song: That Girl is Poison
Score: 34.5

Hip hop is a dance style that often comes up in the freestyle round but rarely before, so this is a treat. Unfortunately, Karina slipped and hit the floor hard. It really messed with her mind but the judges were sympathetic. Paula said they brought the swagger and Bruno said they made the running man look good, and that’s tough! Len thought it was smoking and Carrie Ann thought they brought a modern edge to an old-school classic.

Kelly and Val
Dance: Contemporary
Song: Fix You
Score: 37.5

Contemporary is a dance more suited to So You Think You Can Dance than Dancing with the Stars but Kelly poured her heart into this one and Bruno called it a great achievement. Paula said it was beautiful, Carrie Ann took it up to stunning. An emotional and brilliant end to the evening.

That’s it for another week. Considering that even the pros were out of their comfort zones, the night was a great success. Almost everyone received an 8.5 or above except for Kirstie and Bristol. Will one of the two go home? The answer will be revealed on the Dancing with the Stars results show tomorrow night at 8 pm on ABC.

Who’s your current favorite? And who’s going home tomorrow? Leave your comments below!

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