DWTS: Carrie Ann The Iceberg | Gilles Strips!

DWTS: Carrie Ann The Iceberg | Gilles Strips!

Yesterday, Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars ran short due to the Presidential Debates.

Tonight, the remaining couples performed their guilty pleasure dances and Team Gangnam Style took the floor for another freestyle.

How did they do? Let’s find out.

Melissa and Tony
Dance: Tango
Song: Toxic by Britney Spears
Score: 27

Melissa looked like a whole other person when she took the floor wearing a short wig. This slow tango was intoxicating for Bruno, but Len wanted more snap. Carrie Ann also wanted more, complaining that her top line could have been better. Considering the fact that she was in the hospital just days ago, her performance was impressive.

Shawn and Derek
Dance: Rumba
Song: My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
Score: 27

Opening herself up for this emotional dance was tough for Shawn, but she wanted to show the judges that she’s in it to win it. Dancing on a gorgeous, moonlit set, the couple captured the dramatic intensity of Titanic with their sensual Tango.

Bruno gave them a standing, tearful ovation, saying it was flawless motion like waves in the ocean. Touching and romantic. Carrie Ann complemented Shawn on her growth and vulnerability, but then docked the duo for an illegal lift. Len also complained about the lack of technique. Tom cast Carrie Ann in the role of the iceberg and the unhappy crowd agreed.

Apolo and Karina
Dance: Samba
Song: Give it to Me Baby by Rick James
Score: 27

Karina was hoping this would be their comeback week, so she choreographed a tricky Samba with sass for Apolo. The couple put a 70’s twist on this party dance complete with leopard patterned floor, silk disco shirt and a round bed for a set piece.

Carrie Ann said something was wrong, that it was good but that Apolo wasn’t dancing up to his potential. Len thought he was in the home for bewildered, because he thought it was clean, sharp and spot on. Bruno said they got the fire going, leaving Carrie Ann alone with her complaints.

Sabrina and Louis

Dance: Waltz
Song: So This is Love from Cinderella
Score: 29

Sabrina and Louie brought the animated feature to life with a waltz straight out of Cinderella. Their waltz was classic and romantic, and it ended with Sabrina running off at the stroke of midnight.  Len loved the story and said the whole dance was charming. Bruno said it was a ride into an enchanted kingdom; cartoonish and delicious. Carrie Ann was the kill joy once again, saying she didn’t show her vulnerable side, but then she gave them a 10.

Team Gangnam Style

Maks took charge of the team which included Kirstie, Gilles, Peta, Kelly, Val, Emmitt and Cheryl. The dance, which is based on a YouTube video, is usually played for laughs, so the team played into the comedy with a variety of silly moves.

To pump up the volume, they began the dance dressed in matching, colorful suits, then stripped down to more revealing costumes during each of their individual performances.

The crowd loved it. Len said it should have come with a health warning because it was so wild. Bruno said he was wetting himself and asked Gilles to strip off his towel – which he did. Carrie Ann said it was crazy fun, but will they score entertaining as high as they score great technique?

It earned them three 9’s, nice, but not enough to beat last night’s team.

That’s it for this week. Due to the divided schedule, everyone is safe this week. Next Monday, they’ll be back with a regular two hour episode followed by the usual results show on Tuesday night.

What did YOU think of the show – leave your comments below!

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