DWTS Results: Voters Get it Right, Susan Boyle Gets it Wrong

DWTS Results: Voters Get it Right, Susan Boyle Gets it Wrong

Thanks to the Presidential Debates, Dancing with the Stars skipped the recap show and went straight for the results. After an opening number by the troupe it was time to start delivering the news.

Shawn and Derek, Kelly and Val and Sabrina and Louie got the good news – they’re staying on for another week, but Bristol and Mark landed in the bottom three.

After the drama it was time for some laughs with Carson Kressley and his behind the scenes tour, which he declared was way better than Cats.

What was even better than that was an incredible, gravity defying number from the League of Extraordinary dancers.  These guys always live up to their name and tonight’s Dancing with the Stars live performance was no exception. Christina Grimmie lent her vocals to the Macy’s Stars of Dance number, which included an umbrella drill team and gently falling snow. Superb.

Back to results – Gilles and Peta turned their 10’s into a pass to next week. Emmitt and Cheryl made it through, too, but Karina and Apolo landed in danger. That result was no stranger than the format of tonight’s show. For some reason, Tom joined the contestants on stage and delivered the news in a low-key tone sans music. It was so off-putting that some couples barely reacted when they found out they were safe.

What was also odd was Donny Osmond’s duet with Susan Boyle. The two performed a shaky version of “This is the Moment.” Boyle appeared so nervous that she didn’t let go of Donny’s hand for one second as she sang her part of the song. Not even the marvelous movement of Kym and Tristan could save this number.

In the final set of results Melissa and Tony made it through, but Kirstie and Maks were, as expected, in jeopardy.

Before closing out the show, the couples were put through the torture of picking teams for next week’s free-style in front of a live audience. Captain Gilles picked “Gangnum Style” for their tune. Shawn was less happy with their choice, “Call Me Maybe.”

Gilles then picked Kelly and Val for his team, along with Kirstie and Maks, and Emmitt and Cheryl.

Shawn And Derek picked Melissa and Tony, Sabrina and Louie, and Apolo and Karina. That left Bristol and Mark as the alternate should one of the other couples go home. You follow?

In the end, the viewers got it right this time by putting the lowest scoring dancers in the bottom two. Final call, Bristol and Mark were let go.

Next week the dancers will be performing to their favorite guilty pleasure song, and they’ll have to take on their first group dance, too. All that on Dancing with the Stars next Monday and Tuesday on ABC.

What did you think of  the show and the Osmond/Boyle duet? Leave your comments below.

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