E3 2013 - Microsoft paying third-party not to show PS4 gamesMicrosoft is paying developers to sit on the PS4 versions of their games at this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), according to a recent post from a “reliable” member of the infamous NeoGaf forums.

The rumor sounds outrageous. And the source is a bit wanky. The post with that information doesn’t even include the original post – it’s a quoted post from another member.

A variety of sites are pushing this rumor with only that one post, that quotes another post, as evidence.

The post references a NeoGaf member calling himself famousmortimer, who says:

“I mentioned the other day that I was hearing rumors of Microsoft throwing around a considerable amount of money to have publishers only show games on the Xbox One during E3. Most people dismissed my admittedly flakey news as ‘that’s what always happens. I’ve talked to more people since then though and this isn’t the usual jostling for publishers on stage that happens at E3. Microsoft is throwing BIG money around to reverse course on idea that they aren’t a games console. The rumors are that PS4 versions of multiplats, by those who do take the money, won’t be shown AT ALL. Not on stage and not on the show floor.”

Here at CP, we were suspicious. So we contacted Microsoft – expecting them to swat this rumor down dead.

That’s not what happened though. Instead, we got an official “No comment” from a Microsoft spokesman.

So on this day, as launch details of the Xbox One are emerging… the pay-for-not-play plot thickens.

Is Microsoft attempting to freeze out PS4 games from E3 2013?

We’ll know if it works. Maybe not if it doesn’t.

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