Earl Sweatshirt’s Album “Doris” – August 20th, 2013

Earl Sweatshirt’s Album “Doris” – August 20th, 2013

Earl Sweatshirt’s album “Doris” is dropping in five days, with hopes of surpassing his good friend Tyler the Creator’s album “Wolf”.

Since Earl’s last album dropped, he has been shot into stardom among the hip-hop, rap industry with a lot of people crediting him as the best lyricist on the planet right now.

Although it’s hard to determine if that is indeed true, one thing is sure, Earl can definitely perform. His live shows are some of the most exciting to see and he has been around the planet performing with his rap group Odd Future all year long.

There is a tremendous amount of hype and tension surrounding the release date of the album. It’s also very surprising that the album hasn’t been leaked beforehand, like the numerous leaks that have came out this year with albums like Jay’z “MCHG” and Kanye’s “Yeezus”.

Although there’s hype surrounding the album and it’s expected to do well, it’s unclear as to how well the album is going to do, considering there was a lot of hype surrounding “Wolf” by Tyler the Creator and the overall result wasn’t what the artist was expecting.

It under performed compared Tyler’s expectations and it could have been because Odd Future failed to advertise the album properly on their YouTube channel or social media accounts.

“Doris” should be a great album though, we’ve looked at the track list and some of the songs can be heard on YouTube like that one with Mac Miller featured in it.

When it hits the shelves, make sure you at least pick up a copy and give it a listen, it’s expected to be a faster, better written, and overall more compelling album than his last album and Tyler’s “Wolf”.

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