Most of us will have to wait another week and a half to see 22 Jump Street, but early reviews of the film are starting to come in, and they are quite glowing.

Those that have been privy to an early screening of 22 Jump Street have nothing but praise for the director tandem of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, as well as the onscreen duo of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

Regarding the much anticipated sequel, The Playlist writes, “This time out, the film positively dense with jokes, almost all of which are good,” adding “it doesn’t need to stop being funny in order to tell a story, and almost every scene has been wrung out for gags to some degree or another.”

The Wrap explains, “Lord and Miller find the perfect balance between giving us more of what made “21” such a success and providing enough new material so that “22” doesn’t feel like a complete retread.”

Variety continues the praise, saying “Lord and Miller balance their smartypants meta-humor with go-for-broke pratfalls and a certain fundamental sincerity that keeps the characters relatable without ever veering into straight-faced emotionalism.”

Just about every other critic that’s had a sneak peek at 22 Jump Street have expressed similar sentiments.  Meanwhile, the rest of us are forced to wait until the movie hits theaters on June 13.

Are you excited to see 22 Jump Street?  Are you going on opening night?  Let us know below.