A generation from now, will real paper books be a thing of the past? Perhaps something that only eccentric collectors will display upon their shelves?

It may look that way from a report just released by The Association of American Publishers (AAP). In their February, 2011 Sales Report, sales, they announced that eBook sales grew a whopping 202% over February sales a year ago.

During February of 2011, eBooks were ranked as the number 1 format – beating out all other categories of books – adult hardcover, adult paperback, adult mass market, children’s and young adult hardcover, and children’s and young adult paperback. According to the report, it is believed that the high February eBook sales numbers may be related to new eBook owners loading the eBook devices, that they received over the holidays, with new books.

When eBook sales from both January and February of this year are compared to last year’s numbers, eBook sales grew by 169.4%. During the same time frame, the combined categories of traditional paper books fell by 24.8%. Revenue wise though, eBooks accounted for $164.1 million in sales during January and February of 2011, while traditional paper books accounted for $441.7 million in sales.

Tom Allen, President and Chief Executive Officer of AAP, said “The public is embracing the breadth and variety of reading choices available to them. They have made e-Books permanent additions to their lifestyle while maintaining interest in print format books.”

Not all book sales are included in the report, but the AAP says the report is “…acknowledged as the best industry snapshot currently available.”