British musician Ed Sheeran recently released his new video for his song “Don’t” from the album X.

The video is directed by Emil Nava and shows a dancer (portrayed by Phillip Chbeeb, or PacMan) moving up in life from the ghetto to a mansion.

“Don’t” is the second single from his most recent album X and Sheeran has said that it is inspired by his relationship with another singer. Specifically one who cheated on him with a friend in a hotel.

Despite the somber lyrics, the dancer’s progression is motivational, and reflects Sheeran’s own journey to stardom. He has always maintained that he is still the same person as before he became famous, and similarly, the dancer keeps doing the same moves just with different clothes and a new house.

In the video, viewers only see glimpses of Sheeran, such as on a news program or passing the dancer in a car. What makes Sheeran’s videos unique is the way that he distances himself, it demonstrates the universal appeal of his songs.

Chbeeb, the dancer, was a contestant on the fifth season on So You Think You Can Dance and highlights his moves here.

Watch the video below, and comment with thoughts on Sheeran’s artistry!