The Elder Scrolls online update 3 is set to hit the public test servers “Soon.” The update may be the largest to date.

Zenimax recently released a post teasing some very exciting new features, but the general theme is clear: Guilds.

The update is slated to include a good amount of new/updated features such as armor dye, guild tabards, new guild rank systems, and even the ability to rent a stall in most large towns to sell your guild store items to the general public.

As for things they have decided to (Or are deciding to) change, they have decided to tweak most classes due to unbalanced or otherwise unfair advantages, This also includes the “Werewolf” skill line.

While all of this is well and good, Zenimax decided to take it one step further and hint at a feature that has been rumored since release, that’s right, Guild keeps.

Very little is currently known on the keeps, so stay tuned for more as it becomes available.

You can see the original article here.

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