Democrats vs. RepublicansElection results, at a little past midnight, US Eastern time, appear to strongly favor Republicans.

While most of the results are only projected at this point, the Republicans have so far gained 6 seats in the Senate. The Democrats appear to hold 50 seats, to the Republicans 46. 4 seats are still undecided.

In the house, it appears that the Republicans have gained 43 seats. The current count stands at 142 seats for the Democrats, and 203 for the Republicans. 44 races are still uncalled.

The Republicans have also added 9 governors to their rolls. With races called so far, Democrats have 14 governorships, to the Republicans 25. 11 are still up for grabs tonight.

It is expected that the Democrats will still hold the majority in the Senate after all counts are final. Though without a two thirds majority, they will not dominate.

The Republicans are expected to gain enough seats in the house to hold a 2/3 majority.

While Republican gains will give them a stronger bargaining chip in negotiations, the Democrats will still have a small majority in the Senate, and the power of the office of the presidency. While this is without a doubt a big win for the Republicans, the Democrats will still have the stronger hand when it comes to governing the federal government.

Last updated at 12:30 AM, Nov 3. Counts and projections will change throughout the early morning hours and likely well into tomorrow.