Elevate: Apple’s “Best iPhone App Of The Year” Is Overrated

Apple has released their annual list of the best iPhone and iPad apps of 2014.

The app in first place this year for iPhone is Elevate.

Elevate is a “personal trainer for the brain” and has been downloaded more than 5 million times since its launch.

The app is free to download; however, to unlock the full range of brain-boosting games and keep your brain from getting “soft,” you will need to pay $5 per month.

Personally, I would save my money and boost brain power by doing things like reading, writing, going to school, building a business, etc… you know,  real world application that nets real results.

There’s no “easy” way to boost brain power, just as there’s no “easy” way to have six-pack abs.

Anything desirable AND easy has a catch, and maybe some undesirable side-effects as well.

It’s not to say that Elevate will not work.  I’m merely saying that there are probably more effective and cheaper or free ways to boost mental performance.

Just like fad diets explode in popularity then soon after die out because people aren’t happy with the results, or the results and effort required don’t match their expectations.

There’s no “magic pill” or “secret” to achieving the results you want.

Nothing worth having is ever easy, and cognitive performance is no exception.

Have you tried brain games?

Share your experiences with them in the comments section below!

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