On its last trip to outer space, the Endeavor has finally docked with the Space Station. The docking occurred this morning at approximately 6:15 a.m. EDT. The docking marks the beginning of a 10 day stay on the Space Station for the Endeavor and its crew.

Both crews greeted each other with warm welcomes and smiles as they headed straight into business matters and safety briefings.

The Endeavour’s cargo includes a $2 billion Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. The spectrometer is designed to evaluate cosmic rays for antimatter, dark matter, and other phenomena that can’t be seen with a telescope. It will be attached to the side of the Space Station on Thursday. A rash of spare parts are also being delivered to help the Space Station fare after the shuttle program is retired. Once the cargo is in place, the crew will begin the first of 4 planned space walks and some maintenance.

The Endeavor’s last flight is expected to end June 1st when it returns to Kennedy Space Center. In July, Endeavor’s sister ship Atlantis will make one last trip to the Space Station before she also is retired. Her return will mark the end of the 30 year program.