Professor Michael Jones McKean of the Virginia Commonwealth University has created a high-tech machine that has the ability to create artificial rainbows using all-natural materials and renewable energy.  He has been practicing and refining his technology for many years now, mainly in local parking lots and other open spaces.

Now, however, the Professor is preparing to scale up his small-time experiments.  It appears that he has been asked to design and implement a much larger installation at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska.

From a statement released last week, McKean is planning on producing rainbows two times per day for about 15 minutes each time using natural rainwater that will be collected from the roof of the Bemis Center.  The complex machine will be powered by renewable solar energy.  At the heart of the machine are high-powered water pumps that jet the water into a fine mist in the air, creating the required conditions for light diffraction and, if all goes well, rainbow production.  McKean hopes that visitors to the Bemis will be able to see the rainbows from 1000 feet and can even find the ends of the rainbow and walk through them.