Jensen Button may have stolen the thunder from under Sebastian Vettel’s feet in the last lap in the previous, Canadian Gran Prix, but the latter will still go into the European F1 Grand Prix 2011 to be held at Valencia as favourite.

And why not? Vettel has won five out of the seven races, and on the two occasions that he did not win, Vettel has finished second in the race and hence got a podium position. This puts him at the top of the points table in the formula one this season with 161 points, and far ahead in the race to end at the peak.

The first two practice sessions for the European F1 Grand Prix 2011 in Valencia will be held on Friday, June 24, followed by a third on June 25. The qualifying for the European Grand Prix will take place at 1400 hours local time on Saturday itself, with the race day on Sunday at 1400 hours.

The race will see a total of 57 laps and with a circuit length of 5.42 km, the drivers will be racing a total of 308.85 km.

Vettel’s teammate Mark Webber is currently at the third position behind Vettel and Button and will look to ensure that he can notch up a win here.