It’s been a dramatic week for the houseguests.
Issues have included the bigotry remarks, new showmances,  and MVP nominations, all leading to a jam packed elimination night filled with emotions.
Big Brother Fans have been hoping that Aaryn’s racists remarks would be addressed during the Live show, but Big Brother didn’t do anything except show us a clip of Aaryn’s comments.
Fans are starting to ask why Big Brother chose to only show Aaryn’s remarks. Was it because it personally affected their host, Julie Chen?
I think all 3 should be reprimanded for their remarks, not just one.
On yesterday’s episode we saw that Elissa won MVP for a second week in a row. She put Jeremy up as the third nominee, but Jeremy won Power of Veto, therefore leaving Elissa to choose between Kaitlin or Nick.
Elissa tries to get Nick to vote Kaitlin out, but he seals his fate by telling her he can’t vote his best friend’s girl out. Awesome game play Nick!
Nick is then the third nominee up for elimination and the house is in chaos. Candice suspects a guy alliance and hopes that Nick goes home.
A few days ago Elissa was ready to give up and go home because of all the rude comments from some of the houseguests, but Helen was not ready to give up yet.
Nick knows he has the Moving Company Alliance to keep him safe and he has no worries except… pizza boy McCrae, who is in a showmance with one of the strongest girls in the house, Amanda.
Amanda also suspects a guy alliance, but McCrae denies it.
The plan is to keep Elissa safe and use her for the MVP nominations. Andy, Spencer, McCrae, Amanda, Jessie, Candice, Judd and possibly Howard plan to keep Elissa safe, but anything could make them change their mind before elimination night.

It’s time for the live votes… with a vote of 7-4, Nick is evicted from the Big Brother house. Howard, Jeremy, Aaryn,  Kaitlin and a devastated Gina Marie are thoroughly pissed by the outcome.

Immediately after eviction was the HOH (Head of Household) competition. Last night, the houseguests were woken up several times  to memorize information .
Now more than ever it is time to put everything they memorized to the test.
In a tie break question, Helen wins the title of HOH. Elissa and Helen’s fans celebrated in sweet bliss and are super excited to see Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin pay for the misery they caused their favorite players.

In a few days we’ll find out who will be have-nots for the week. Many of us hope that Aaryn and her group get a taste of their own medicine.

Now that Helen is safe for this week, do you think Elissa should be MVP for a third week in a row?

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