Ezra Takes The Path of the Jedi

Ezra’s journey to become a Jedi takes a significant turn in the mid-season premiere of Star Wars Rebels.

After their last encounter with the Inquisitor, Kanan wants to make absolutely sure that Ezra is truly ready to become a Jedi. Together, the duo find one of the remaining Jedi Temples in Lothal, and they enter to make sure Ezra completes his training.

Despite the strong outing of the last couple of episodes, this episode is easily the show’s best yet. It continues Ezra and Kanan’s journey while taking a break from their misadventures against the Empire…somewhat.

The Inquisitor is actually used as a source of nightmares for Ezra’s hallucinations, and it makes the villain even scarier than before. In fact, the entire episode is very claustrophobic. The tight nature of the caves and the tilted camera addsto the disturbing nature of the crew being killed by the Inquisitor, their distrust and mocking of Ezra, etc. The corpses of the masters as they wait for their Padawans to complete the tests also raised the stakes more effectively than anywhere else in the show.

Yet, all of this darkness makes the few glimpses of hope, such as Yoda’s guidance and Ezra’s lightsaber reveal, all the more poignant. While it is fine to see the whimsical adventures of the crew here and there, an element of danger must be added to make the characters and stories compelling, and this episode effortlessly does that.

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What did you think of this episode? What will await next for our heroes?

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