Nintendo’s reward program, Club Nintendo, recently rotated its monthly game offerings to include the classic NES title, F-Zero, and the Nintendo 64 hit, 1080 Snowboarding.

Both titles are for the Wii U and will set back members 200 coins.

Among those additions include two titles for the 3DS, Game & Watch: Mario’s Cement Factory, and Spin Six. Game and Watch costs 100 coins while Spin Six raises the bar to 150.

For comparison’s sake, F-Zero and 1080 Snowboarding usually cost $8 and $10 respectively. These two rewards come out to a pretty nice value when compared to the 3DS offerings.

Game & Watch: Mario’s Cement Factory  sells for $2 and Spin Six for $5.

When you compare the amount of coins needed for redemption, the Wii U rewards offer more value per coin.

Also, Nintendo added another non-game reward to its catalog. 3DS Game Card Cases are back in stock, but now have the option for either a Zelda or Animal Crossing-themed art style.

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Is it worth spending your hard-earned coins on these new rewards?

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