Facebook Developing A New “VIP” App

Facebook Developing A New “VIP” App

Facebook, in an attempt to get more of its celebrity users posting to the service, is currently developing a special, celebrity only, VIP Facebook app.

The app aims to allow celebs to share their “valuable” thoughts and “candid” images more easily with the unwashed masses ( that use the commoners ‘version’ ) as well as, features allowing them more flexibility when interacting with fans.

Facebook has also revealed to AllthingsD,  the popular online technology publication, that they are currently testing the app with a select group of VIP’s ( super VIP’s ) to ensure that app’s features match the modern day celebrity lifestyle.

Why a VIP App ? 

Facebook, more than likely, is aiming to exploit the influence that celebrities have on society at large  in order to get more people to actively use their service.

In recent years, due to competition from companies like Twitter and Vine, along with bad press from their constant forays into privacy invasion,  Facebook has been on the decline with its younger users. Facebook, as it has gained popularity among the older generation, has lost many of the youth who, in an effort to avoid the prying eyes of ma and pa, have migrated their activities to other social networks.

Will it Work ?

The phenomenon of social proof, over the many centuries of human existence, has proven to be one of the leading factors influencing behavior for the majority in society.

This new strategy may prove to be indeed effective as young people, generally speaking, are quite easily influenced by the actions of their favorite celebrities.

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