Falling Skies Finale: The Big Question – Ally Or Enemy?

Falling Skies Finale: The Big Question – Ally Or Enemy?

Falling-Skies-New-AlienWhat a cliffhanger!

Fans of TNT’s Falling Skies were treated to a spectacular second season finale of the popular sci-fi show. It’s going to be a long wait until the beginning of season three – 8 months!

Beware – spoilers ahead.

The season ender, titled “A More Perfect Union,” started off blandly enough. The military coop went smoothly, though Tom threw an unexpected wrench in when he would not go along with the plan. But that was quickly lost to the developing story line as Skitters invaded the facility. The standoff was resolved by the 2nd Mass putting themselves in the line of fire – protecting the Skitters, which turn out to be rebels fighting against the Fishhead Overlords.

The 2nd Mass ends up tasked with acting on intel provided by the rebel Skitters. Unbeknownst to our heroes though, their Commanding Officer, General Bressler, goes behind their backs and sends out a hit squad to take out the rebel Skitters. Is he helping the Overlords, or just that much of a Skitter hater (he later reveals he watched Skitters kill his son)?

The 2nd Mass goes on the mission without the help of the rebels – but it’s a trap. Dai is killed in the melee that ensues. Then, hanging by tentacles, members of the 2nd Mass are tortured, and it’s revealed to Tom that Anne is pregnant with his child.

Soon thereafter, what’s left of the Skitter rebels come to the rescue, freeing the 2nd Mass. The Skitter known as Red Eye battles the Overlord, Tom joins the fight after Red Eye is mortally injured. The Overlord is killed. But oddly, Karen, who called the Overlord her ‘master,’ appears unmoved, mysteriously telling Tom “It’s not over” as she escapes.

The 2nd Mass blows up the facility they had come to attack, which included a strange gun pointed toward the sky, apparently not aimed at mankind.

Back in the Charleston facility, Tom’s son Hal, who was injured in the battle, wakes from a coma. A metallic looking bug (apparently planted inside him by Karen’s forced kiss) crawls out of his eye, and enters his ear… Hal then smiles.

Meanwhile, an apparent storm arises outside. Residents of Charleston run and watch, guns raised, as a spaceship lands. An unknown alien (pictured above) steps from the ship, removes his helmet… and…. end of the season! Bwawh!

That leaves a heck of a lot of questions!

Is this alien what the gun was pointing at?

What’s happening to Hal? (and was Maggie going to say she loved him when they were in the tunnel?)

Would an enemy of the Overlords be a friend to humanity, or just another enemy?

We weren’t the only ones seeing the new alien for the first time. The online after-show, Falling Skies 2nd Watch, included many of the cast members. According to host Wil Wheaton, the cast watched the season three finale for the first time tonight – and it was the first time they had gotten to see the alien themselves.

When will season three premier? In the after-show, Wheaton said “8 months,” but that’s all we get. No official date has been published.

Did you love season 2? Tell us what you think of the new alien in the comments section below!

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