Walmart Fatburger Beef PattiesFatburger, a west coast based restaurant chain, is going to sell its beef patties across Walmart stores nationwide.

The chain also announced the frozen beef patties are already available at select stores, and they’ll be rolled out at locations across the US in the next few weeks.

Fatburger is a brand owned by the Fog Cutter Capital Group and has 150 locations around the world. Half of their restaurants are in the US.

A Walmart representative said the Fatburger patties will be available at about 3,100 of Walmart’s approximately 4000 stores.  The rep did not know why the burgers would not be available at the remaining stores.

Fatburger’s CEO, Andy Weiderhorn, said the patties will come in packs of six with an expected price of $7 to $8.

He also said the fat content will be up to 30%, as they are primarily intended for barbecuing.

Walmart will have its own suppliers for the patties, but the licensing and recipe will be from Fatburger.

Weiderhorn said this is the brand’s first licensing agreement.