Fear Has A New Home – The Curse Of Chucky Trailer Is Here
Coming this fall on VOD and Blu-Ray/DVD

Fear Has A New Home – The Curse Of Chucky Trailer Is Here

Coming this fall on VOD and Blu-Ray/DVD

It has been 9 years since moviegoers last saw the killer doll Chucky.

After the fifth installment failed to keep the franchise spirit alive, it felt like we saw the last of Chucky.

However, there seems to be life in this 25 year old franchise, as hitting homes this fall  is  Curse of Chucky.

The sixth installment goes back to the franchise’s  roots, as the film tries to bring back the horror that turned Child’s Play into a horror classic.

The film’s trailer has hit the web the today. It is a quick preview, but you can tell that the filmmakers are trying to make Chucky scary again.

The film centers on Nica and Barb, two sisters who are grieving the loss of their mother. Along with Barb is her family who come with her to settle affairs.

During their stay, a mysterious package arrives containing a doll named Chucky.

Barb’s daughter befriends the toy, but as time passes, the family soon discovers that there is something wrong with this doll. This time around, Chucky’s is up to more then just killing, as he means to settle something he started 20 years ago.

The film sees Brad Dourif reprise his role as Chucky, while  his daughter, Fiona, plays the role of Nica.  Along with the two Dourifs, film also stars Danielle Bisutti, A. Martinez, Brennan Elliott, and Chantal Quesnelle.

Though it won’t be theatrical release, does Curse of Chucky have enough heft to bring back the spirit of the franchise?

We will see what horror awaits when Curse of Chucky arrives on VOD September 24, and hits Blu-Ray/DVD on October 8th.

And now: the trailer to Curse of Chucky

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