Fido To Sell The Nexus 4 For $100?

Fido To Sell The Nexus 4 For $100?

Google’s Nexus 4 might soon be available on the Fido network in Canada for $100 on contract.

It’s hard to say for sure just what is going on though.

AIC reported spotting the Nexus 4 pricing on Fido’s website yesterday, and said it was listed on the carriers site for $100 on contract.

But the image they included in that article said the phone is out of stock, and the link they provided to the phone on now just says “Sorry, the device you are looking for is unavailable.”

However, we just conducted a search for “Nexus 4” on and the search results include a listing for the phone with the $100 price.

Actually clicking on the link though… brings us back to Fido’s homepage, not a page for ordering the phone.

If Fido is offering the Nexus 4 for $100 (Canadian dollars, mind you), it would be cheaper as compared to other carriers.

But the question is, are they or aren’t they? Are we seeing them getting ready to sell it and having trouble with their system…. or…?

We’ve got an email in to their press rep and will update this story as additional details come in.

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