The latest version of Firefox’s Beta client – Firefox 34 – comes packed with the ability to quickly and easily make video calls using nothing more than a disposable link.

The news was announced on Mozilla’s blog, with the new call service labelled as “Firefox Hello.”

Firefox Hello is the result of Mozilla’s partnership with Telefónica, and will allow the user to connect with anyone using a WebRTC-compatible browser.

WebRTC, or web real-time communication, is an open-source project aimed to develop browser-to-browser applications.

This allows not only for in-browser voice chat and video chat, but for peer-to-peer file-sharing and online gaming as well.

Browsers that support WebRTC include Firefox, Chrome and Opera along with devices that use Chrome OS or Firefox OS.

The true beauty of Firefox Hello, however,  is that users won’t need to sign up, log-in or install any additional software to make a call.

Enabling the “Guest Mode” of Firefox Hello will generate a link that will be shared by email, which will promptly begin a call once the link has been clicked.

Users that sign in with their Firefox account will be able to manage their contact lists while more easily making and receiving calls via Firefox Hello.