iPhone 6 users are complaining that the tiny gap between the aluminum casing and the glass screen is snagging loose hair.

Personalities such as Phil Quinn and Paul Peavler have tweeted their experiences, with Quinn even providing a picture of a hair stuck in the aforementioned gap.

Even razor company Gillette took advantage with a humorous little gaffe of its own.

It would seem like Apple’s iPhone 6 really isn’t getting a break – but not everyone agrees that the so-called ‘Hairgate’ is as bad as it seems.

Forbes’ Gordon Kelley reports that the whole thing is nonsense; citing Hairgate as an exaggeration perpetrated by ‘fanatics’ that pop up during a major Apple, Android and even Blackberry launch.

There is some grain of truth to that statement, as CP’ own Mel Brodey reported a while back that the problem of bending iPhone 6’s was a weakness shared by other phones in its category.

Still, Bendgate was an issue that was truly frightening for current and prospective iPhone 6 users.

Hairgate, on the other hand, is a significantly less threatening problem – one that is completely negated if you shave your beard in the first place.

Got a hair snagged on your iPhone 6? Think this whole Hairgate thing is blown way out of proportion?

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