First Nokia Win Phone 7 – Here’s The Video They Didn’t Want You To See

Stephen Elope is the reason why Nokia is coming to the headlines so often now a days. He just made another big splash by showing off the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 device to the crowd, while, ostensibly,  expecting that nobody would record the event. But the question is… did he really believe that no one would record it?

So the may-be-willingly-leaked Nokia Windows Phone 7 mobile is in the ‘blogosphere’ now. The new phone, code-named Sea Ray, looks just like the recently announced Nokia N9. Stephen Elope presented the phone to the unexpecting audience, asking everyone to turn off their cameras before he showed it off. But, of course, saying something like that is certainly not the way to tell an audience when you want to keep a secret.

The leaked Nokia Windows Phone 7 ‘Sea Ray’ smartphone will come to the market with the Mango update preloaded. While showing the phone, Stephen Elope, also talked about some features, like the Gorilla Glass Display and Carl Zeiss optics, which will let the users take 8 megapixel pictures. Stephen Elope also hinted about other Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices which are completely different from this one. So there is a possibility that Nokia is planning to be in the spotlight again soon with  more surprises. This N9-like leaked Nokia Windows Phone 7 is expected to be available in the October of this year, though nothing was said about the price range.

A video from Youtube shows Elope saying to shut off the cameras before Sea Ray is shown… but this one kept rolling…