Director Tim Burton once again brings us another stop motion feature. This time around, Burton is transforming one his earlier projects into claymated form.

Frankenweenie” tells the story of a young boy named Victor, who loses his best friend, Sparky. Not willing to let Sparky go, Victor turns to science to bring his canine friend back from the grave.

However, Victor soon finds out that bringing loved ones back from the grave can have its consequences.

Sound familiar?

Of course it does. The plot revolves around the tale of Frankenstein.

However, do not take this film as just a re-interpretation of the classic tale. The film does feature other elements in its story, such as taking place in a suburb,  and it references other horror films as well.

Frankenweenie” follows a very similar formula seen in other Burton films. Don’t expect to see any major surprises. However, the elements from other classic horror films do give a refreshed feeling to this familiar plot.

Like most Burton films, the cast leaves an impression. You will remember them.

What I found so interesting about the characters is that even though they do represent stereotypes, there is a sense of humanity with each character.  What really stands out in this factor are the animals. Animal characters, such as Sparky, were done quite well. We could understand what he was feeling, while still maintaining the fact that he is a dog.

It’s always great to see Tim Burton’s work in stop motion animation. However at this point, I feel I need to make one nitpick. Though the animation itself is great to see, I could not help but feel that I have seen these character models before. As I said, it just a nitpick. Aside from seeing familiar faces, “Frankeweenie” does have its own look. One of the strongest elements in the animation was the lighting, as it was used quite effectively. That and, of course, the color grey, which created the definitive look to Burton’s film.

Though the film may not be as iconic as “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or even this year’s “ParaNorman”, “Frankenweenie” is still a fun film to see this season.  With a well paced story and relatable characters, Burton’s latest film should have enough to please audiences of all ages.

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