Free Beats Streaming Music Coming To iPhones, iPads

Apple is ready to take digital music streaming service to a whole new level, after a $3 billion deal with music tycoons, Beats Audio.

The deal comes as a courageous new attempt in Apple’s ventures, wanting to take advantage of digital music’s current transition from a downloadable age, to a streaming age.

The company recently announced that their future iOS software will feature a pre-installed version of the widely popular Beats Audio digital music streaming app, and that these new versions would be available to Apple users in the coming new year.

All of this news comes after Beats co -founders, Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre, celebrated a monumental deal with Apple, as the tech giants bought Beats Audio for close to $3 billion.

While the new feature may be an awesome new perk for users, subscription to the streaming service is still required, but this doesn’t distract from the fact that the streaming service will still be pre downloaded on every device.

Apple users can expect to witness more new features on the iOS in the coming months of the new year, as CEO Tim Cook has promised that the company has more tricks up its digital sleeve.

What do you think about Apple’s move to buy Beats Audio for $3 billion?

Are you looking forward to having Beats service pre installed on your device?

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