On September 16, owners of ‘Total War: Rome II‘ will receive the ‘Emperor Edition’ update for free which contains the ‘Imperator Augustus Campaign’ DLC.

For players new to the game, the ‘Emperor Edition’ will also be available as a stand alone purchase following September 16.

The ‘Emperor Edition’ will also include all content updates and free DLC that have been applied since ‘Total War: Rome II’ launched, including: Getai and Baktrian factions, wonders & seasons, touch controls, Twitch.TV integration, and roster updates for Carthage.

A full list of inclusions can be seen here.

The new missions included in the ‘Imperator Augustus Campaign’ will put players deep into the Roman civil war as three factions fight for control in an attempt to give rise to the first Roman emperor.

With several new campaign missions and over a dozen updates; fans are eager to try the new ‘Imperator Augustus Campaign,’ let us know your thoughts below.