Free HBO and Cinemax preview weekends are on the way to many cable and satellite TV subscribers this month.

AT&T U-Verse launched their free HBO and Cinemax preview weekend today. It will continue through Sunday.

Some of the movies and shows available this weekend include episodes of Game of Thrones, Boxing After Dark, Ice Age, Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning, Jack the Giant Slayer, Man of Steel, Armageddon, several movies from the Lethal Weapon series, and more.

U-Verse will also have a free Starz and Encore preview weekend July 27 – 29,

DirectTV will have their free HBO/Cinemax preview weekend starting June 20, according to,

Mediacom, DISH, and Cox Cable will have their free HBO/Cinemax preview weekends starting June 27.

We contacted HBO/Cinemax for additional information, exact times, and details of any specials that will be offered during the free preview weekends. They did not respond.

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