Downloads from Sun Voyager, former Nickel Creek member Sean Watkins, Garbage, and more are all free and legal this week.

On Purevolume, the top downloaded songs by signed artists — not including those I mentioned last week — are: “God is Dead” by psychedelic indie band Sun Voyager; “Shake It Off” by acoustic rock emo band Secondhand Serenade; “Skip to the Good Part” by acoustic indie pop band He is We; and “You Can Run, But We’ll Find You” by rock emo punk band Matchbook Romance. Garbage also has “#1 Crush” available on Purevolume.

The iTunes store seems to be having a bit of trouble with its Single of the Week. The image is for Kat Dahlia’s “Crazy,” but the store says the song isn’t available in the U.S. Clicking on “Single of the Week” takes me to last week’s single by Borns, but it isn’t free anymore. Check back here for updates.

NoiseTrade has several new albums for download this week. The top ones being downloaded include Sketches by The Brothers Landreth, which offers two songs with three versions each — one demo, one EP and one final version; Sean Watkins’ 10-song solo effort All I Do Is Lie; psychedelic pop group Motopony’s four-song Naked at the Abbey, Live at Abbey Road; folk singer-songwriter Jeremiah Daly’s four-song Live at True Tone Studios; and soul rock band Matt Stansberry & the Romance’s nine-song project Crash Landing.

The highest-rated free songs on that have been added in the past 30 days are: “He Gives Me Strength” by Lauren Moscato; “Fortune Teller” by Menace Beach; “Gandalf” by BZRK; which is followed by all of the tracks from Ingrid (Original Book Soundtrack) by Jared Kraft.

Do you have any favorite downloads this week? Let everyone know in the comments.