FreedomPop Releases “Snowden” Smartphone

FreedomPop Releases “Snowden” Smartphone

Innovative mobile phone carrier FreedomPop announced its release of an affordable, extra secure ‘privacy’ phone on March 5.

The “Snowden” smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy SII which has been adjusted to include a number of security measures designed to protect the integrity of users’ information.

The fully encrypted version costs $189 and includes unlimited talk and text as well as 500 MB of data over three months.

After the three month period has elapsed there will be a $10 a month data charge and no contract, making it an affordable choice over its closest rival, the Blackphone (approx. $629).

Security measures include AES 128-bit encryption and the use of a highly secure voice over internet protocol (VOIP). This allows users to bypass firewalls and benefit from fully encrypted voice calls. There is even the option to pay for the service in Bitcoins for the ultra privacy-conscious.

Although manufacturers don’t claim that the phone is NSA proof, it is designed to be resistant to spyware and hackers and ideal for users who are more comfortable with an anonymous mobile phone experience.

Currently only available in areas with strong 4G coverage, this phone is expected to be rolled out in 3G areas in the future.

Essential protection or meaningless hype? What do you think about ‘privacy’ smartphones?

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