Fright Night 2011 Trailer, Sneak Peak, & Review (No Spoilers)

The 2011 version of Fright Night is on it’s way to theaters as we speak! See the trailer and a sneak peak of this dark horror movie below.

The film is garnering a huge wave of interest and positive reviews during preview screenings. Collin Farrell is one of the main attractions of this film. Another is David Tennant, aka ‘the 10th Doctor’ from the hugely popular Doctor Who series. His presence is creating a lot of excitement from Doctor Who fans.

Collin Farrell does his job perfectly in the film. He seems the perfect choice for the ‘evil guy’ role and his character reflects evil well. Imogen Poots played her role well… and David Tennant? He has not let his fans down. Tennant plays his drunk magician character to perfection. The use of 3D is also well done, though it’s not comparable with Avatar or anything close to that. It is just done well and a nice treat for the eyes. As a lover of and wit, I found it very enjoyable.

Fright Night will be in theaters on August 19. Trailer and sneak peak below:

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