Frozen has come to Storybrooke with the premiere of season four of Once Upon a Time. I was eagerly anticipating what exactly the show would do with the massively successful movie that came out last winter.

And what did we get?

A mixed bag, if anything.

Let’s start off with the actresses – the producers did a really great job finding those to fulfill the roles of Elsa and Anna, and they owned the parts. They took the idea that they were actually filming the sequel to Frozen through Once Upon a Time, and exploring minor elements from the movie.

However, the overall story arc that the makers of the show are trying to implement barely connect the dots with the main characters of the show.

Of course it’s too early to tell with the first episode, but the show really had to convey the notion of relevance and conviction on why they brought Frozen into the show in the first place, and practically fails at the attempt. What we are given are two separate stories being told that barely intersect with each other.

Now, the other side of the coin with Emma, Regina and all the others just seems as if we are being put into a never-ending monotony – Regina succumbs to her old ways of being the Evil Queen when the love her life’s wife is found to be alive. Not to be too critical, but haven’t we already seen this type of jealousy in the first season?

It was interesting to say the least, but that really doesn’t give Regina the ability to evolve anymore, and the audience is forced into watching her struggle with choosing to be good or evil once again. Yawn.

Despite the miss, I will keep watching the show though. I have stuck with it for sometime now, and I thought they did a great job bringing Oz elements into last season which was its saving grace from the Peter Pan story arc.

I truly believe that Once Upon a Time still has some evolving to do, and if they truly want to make an impact, then they need to take some chances in the plot development like it did with the first season.