Halfbrick Studios, the developers behind popular games like Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride and Age of Zombies, has just made their entire library of games free to download from the iOS App Store.

Some of Halfbrick’s games have been offered for free in the past, but never all of them, and certainly never all at once. Consequently, it is unclear whether or not the deal will be offered indefinitely.

Halfbrick’s games have consistently received rave reviews on the App Store, earning them each average ratings of four stars or higher.

As with any app downloaded from the App Store, Halfbrick’s games can be deleted and downloaded again repeatedly and on multiple devices, even if the price of a game is later raised, just as long as each device is logged in with the same Apple ID.

By this token, there is no harm in downloading these games, even if they are deleted from a device immediately. They can always be retrieved at a later date.

With iOS 8, which will be released this fall, apps will also be able to be shared among family members whose Apple accounts are linked to the same credit card using a new feature called Family Sharing.

The full list of free games now offered by Halfbrick Studios on the App Store includes:

• Jetpack Joyride

• Fruit Ninja

• Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots

• Monster Dash

• Age of Zombies

• Band Stars

• Fish Out of Water

• Colossatron

These games can be found by searching for “Halfbrick Studios” in the App Store on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.