The FDA has recently announced that people that use Fruta Planta diet pills should stop doing so immediately because the drug contains sibutramine.

Sibutramine is actually included in many popular diet pills products and it is so because the substance acts as an appetite suppressant.

The problem is that sibutramine will increase blood pressure. This can lead to different cardiac events, while also being potentially lethal.

The FDA went even further with their warning and claimed that Fruta Planta diet pills are linked with different cardiac events and even one death among consumers.

Sibutramine is no longer used on the market ever since its side effects have been discovered but there are still a lot of people that are using diet pills that can include it, bought before the substance was removed. Fruta Planta is one of those products that people have to be careful about.

PRock Marketing, LLC is the company responsible for the manufacturing of all Fruta Planta products. It announced that all the lots that contain sibutramine can be returned for a complete refund.