Frys’ Back To School & 1 Day Sales Include: $99 Tablet, Laptops Under $300

Frys is having both a back-to-school sale and a one-day sale going on today.

The one-day sale is today only Saturday, August 13. The sale includes an Android tablet, case, and keyboard combo for $99. It appears that it’s only available in-store. There’s not a lot of information about it online. But by looking up the item number, we find that it’s made by Maylong (Maylong?). It has a 7 inch screen, is Wi-Fi enabled, and includes a camera, 2 GB memory, and a micro-ST card slot. The case  holds a keyboard in the bottom section, and the tablet in the top, so it makes like a little laptop.

Other items in the one-day sale, and these are from companies you have heard of, include a Sony VAIO E Series 15.5 inch laptop for $379.99. A Sony 40 inch LCD HDTV for $449. A Coby 32 inch LCD HDTV for $229. An HP 20 inch LCD monitor for $69, and more. Again though, these appear on their in-store flyers and are apparently not available at these prices online.

Frys back-to-school sale began yesterday and runs through August 18, 2011. These deals are available online and include an the Acer Aspire Notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, 15.6 inch screen and 4 GB of memory for $299. In AME E Series notebook, also with windows 7 Home Premium and 2 GB of RAM, is on sale for $279.99. Frys also has McAfee and Kaspersky Internet security programs available for free after rebate in the sale, along with a couple of large screen Plasma and LED HDTV’s (just what every kid needs for back-to-school gift, eh?). Frys’s website is at

Consumer Expert Jimmy Borough

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