Future Legend of Korra Episodes Will Be Online Only

The Legend of Korra is leaving the realm of television and making a new home on the Internet after its new episode that premieres tomorrow, July 25.

An official post on the Korra Nation Tumblr offered some details on the shift, making a point to reassure fans that the show, currently in its third season, is not cancelled.

Rumors of the shows cancellation came as a result of the current season’s low ratings and after it was discovered that future episodes had been pulled from Nickelodeon’s schedule.

Following tomorrow’s episode, “The Terror Within,” all subsequent episodes will be released on a weekly schedule on Nick.com and the Nick app, as well as on other streaming services like Amazon Instant Video, Hulu and Google Play.

“Thousands of you have been asking to watch this incredible show online, so hopefully this news works in your favor,” reads the blog post. “Mike [Dimartino] and Bryan [Konietzko] created a breath-taking season for us all…so get ready to watch it all go down!!!

“Thanks for being the BEST fans in the industry and see you at Comic-Con.”

Consumer Expert Kyree Leary

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