Tonight’s episode of ‘The Strain’ plunges vampire hunters Setrakian, Ephraim, Fet, and Nora  below Ground Zero. The team hunts The Master in the old World Trade Center subway tunnels, but it soon finds there are “A lot of necks to chop.”

Gus comes home to find his beloved mother is a vampire. Gus, like Jim, lost the woman he most loves- the reason he unwittingly empowered the Master and ushered in the vampire apocalypse. ‘The Strain’  habitually equates women with liability- a motif reinforced by Eph and Zach’s careless behavior.

Eph is lured from Setrakian and the others during their hunt for the Master because he hears Kelly whispering his name. He consequently lands in the Master’s clutches, narrowly escaping death thanks to Fet’s UV light bomb.

The team loses its chance to execute the Master because Eph cared more about Kelly than his mission. Zach is accosted by two looters and a vampire when he wanders from Setrakian’s fortress to fetch cigarettes for Nora’s mother. Luckily, ax wielding Gus saves Zach.  Characters’ involvement with women is a clear detriment. ‘The Strain’ not only needs to include more empowered female characters, but it also needs more dynamic male-female relationships.

The show’s highlights include Eph and Fet exchanging pithy barbs during their hunt and Eph’s encounter with  the Master. It is no accident arrogant Eph ends up in the Master’s hands- it is important for him to come face to face with the ancient evil since he insists on treating the vampire apocalypse like a laboratory study.

Previews for the season finale include the mysterious vigilante vampire. The character appeared for a few seconds in a previous episode, but he made a big impact. What do you think drives a vampire to hunt other vampires? What are you most excited to learn from ‘The Strain’ next week? You can share your predictions and insights in the comment section.

‘The Strain’ airs Sunday at 10:00 PM on FX.